Fiance Visas Keeping You Together

If you are confused as to when you need to apply for fiance visa there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself that will lead to an easy answer. The first question is do you have a foreign national that you are in love with that resides in a country outside the United States? The second one is do you want to marry that individual and make them your spouse? If the answer to both of those questions is yes then you need a fiance visa. Too often either through ignorance or a misguided sense of thinking they are smarter than the system people that fall in love with individuals from foreign countries apply for the wrong type of visas, and are then surprised when the results are disastrous. If you think you are the first one who believes they will just get a tourist visa, or a work visa, or a student visa rest assured that you are not even the first person who has had that thought this week.

It is best to take your medicine file for the only appropriate visa, suffer through the process and obtain the only visa that will allow you to obtain the correct immigration status for your significant other without having any concern that anyone will be able to interfere with that immigration status. Another dance attempted by the uninitiated is believing that because their fiancee lives in a visa waiver country there is no need to obtain a fiance visa. Nothing can be further from the truth. While a visa waiver fiancee can potentially enter the US doing so with the intent to marry may lead to potential immediate deportation or denial of status by the USCIS after marriage. If status is denied after marriage your new spouse must leave the US and you will then be forced to file a spousal visa which will likely result in a separation exceeding 12 months. Also, please keep in mind that possession of a tourist visa (no matter how long the validity) does not guarantee admission into the US.

Customs and Border Patrol always has the authority to deny admission to anyone, and if in their opinion someone is entering the US with the intent to marry, and trying to avoid the wait required by a fiance visa, they will likely turn that person around and put them on the next flight back to where they have come from. This is a very unpleasant experience, and while it will not lead to a denial of a future fiance visa it will likely leave your fiance with a less than favorable view of the US. When you find yourself in need of a fiance visa do not try and cut corners and do not try and navigate the United States immigration maze alone. No one has better resources or experience than The Law Group. For additional details and contact information go to

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